A low profile box spring is simply the term used to describe a new trend in bedding that uses the familiar construction methods of a standard box spring, but creates a wooden frame that is shorter than a standard sized box spring.  Metal rods, or springs installed inside a wooden frame provide the support, with the entire structure covered by an outer layer of material.  Where a standard box spring measures about 9 inches in height, the low profile version ranges between 5 to 5.5 inches.

A lower profile in no way indicates a lack of support, as the difference is purely one of aesthetics. You can rightfully expect the low profile box spring to provide the support your mattress needs for as long as its expected life span. Lower bed heights also add another range of choices to room design which are purely aesthetic in nature.

Classic Brands Low Profile Box Spring

Classic Brands Low Profile Box Spring

Advantages of Low Profile Box Springs

Low profile box springs sit lower and as such can create the illusion of a more open space in the bedroom – perfect for smaller bedrooms which may otherwise look a little cramped. Many also opt for this type of mattress support as it makes it a little easier for them to get into and out of bed. This is also a great reason to go for low profile when furnishing a child’s room, as the lower height makes it easier for them to access their bed, with the added benefit of less distance to the floor should they fall out of it.

Less material used in the manufacturing process also adds up to a lower overall purchase cost without any sacrifice in mattress support. In most cases you can expect to pay between $200 and $700 less for a low profile box spring than for a more conventional box spring.

Research into the science of sleep has started to favor mattresses which are a little higher than the mattresses of last decade – especially the pillow-top variety of mattress. With a low profile box spring you can compensate for the extra height in mattress and keep the sleeping surface at a more standard height.

Quite often the headboard of the bed is a decorative focal point of the room. A new thick mattress will sit higher up on the headboard and possibly ruin the look of the design.  A low profile box is an obvious remedy to lower the physical height of the mattress.

Choosing a Low Profile Box Spring

The box spring is in some ways just as important as the mattress you select, as it’s essentially the foundation of the bed and therefore an important consideration as far as overall comfort is concerned. In regards to warranty many manufacturers also require their mattresses to be supported by a box spring before they will honor the agreement.

Box bed springs come in all varieties these days so there are plenty of decisions to be made in regards to natural fillers, densely packed coils, hypoallergenic, and organic fabrics along with a number of other options. You may be left wondering about major price differences for two box sets that look quite similar, but further investigation will reveal variations in fibers, spring types, and manufacturing materials.

You should never ignore a package deal of a box spring combined with a mattress if it presents the opportunity to save a significant amount off full retail, as manufacturers will often produce more of a popular item to satisfy demand. Mass production has the effect of bringing manufacturing costs down, so if the bed has the right look and the quality stacks up, then there is no reason to pass up a good deal.