The average person spends between 5 to 10 hours a night asleep on their beds – which equates to about 30% of our lives in spent in slumber. If there’s so much time to be spent sleeping, then it’s understandable that you should spend some effort in making sure you are as comfortable as possible during your times of shuteye.

A mattress is designed to provide the maximum level of comfort only when its installed on a quality support system such as a box spring – but not all mattress bases are created equal. So, if you want to make sure you are going to get the best night’s sleep possible you should consider more than just the type of mattress you need, as you should also be focusing on the type of support that is most suitable for your mattress of choice. It’s also important to realize that every new mattress purchase should include a new box spring, as there is a very good chance the old one will not provide the correct level of support.

box spring

box spring

Low profile box springs are quite popular as an alternative to standard sized box springs due to their aesthetic value, and also to accommodate the newer range of mattresses which are manufactured to be a little higher than they used to be. The type of mattress you settle on will almost choose the low profile box spring for you. Some mattresses need the support of a softer flex underpinning, while others will be more suited to a zero deflection single unit wired grid (a fancy way of saying a very firm surface).

If your bed is particularly large – such as a queen or king size – you may need to consider a box spring split foundation. These are simply foundations which are built to the same specifications as single low profile box springs but the split configuration makes installation in your home a lot easier. You can always squeeze a flexible mattress around a troublesome corner but a solid foundation is another matter.

Finally, when it comes to your bedroom, appearance will sit high on your list of priorities and as most box springs are finished off with a material it’s always nice to have a box spring with a covering which matches your mattress.