Generic Low Profile (5.5 Inch) Box Spring (Queen) in white

Generic White Low-Profile (5.5″) Foundation – Queen

A foundation provides strong and stable support for all mattresses. When used with a proper supportive bedframe, this foundation helps prevent sagging and bowing for the life of the mattress. Constructed of high-grade wood, this foundation offers exceptional strength and durability and is designed to support 1,000 pounds of pressure. Enjoy years of comfort, support and peace of mind with this superior foundation.


  • Durable wood-framed constuction
  • Supports up to 1,000 pounds
  • 5.5″ high
  • Made In the USA

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A quality box spring provides a strong and stable support for all types of mattresses. If used with a proper supportive bed frame, this low profile box spring will help prevent sagging  for the lifetime of your mattress. Made from high grade timber, this box spring offers exceptional  durability and strength and is designed to support up to 1,000 pounds of weight. Enjoy years of support, comfort and peace of mind with this high quality foundation.